United Africa

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United Africa

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 26, 2017 4:21 pm

Country Name: United Africa
Capital City: Salem
Alliances: None

Government: Dictatorship
Leader(s): Addingz [Admin]

Country Statistics
Population: 4.7M
Religion: None
Dominant Ethnicity: United African
Dominant Minorities:
Dominant Language: United African
Other Common Languages: Spanish
Currency: UAD [ United African Dollar ] ( 1 UAD = 1 USD )
Cash Earnings (Yearly): 476B

Country History/Facts
National Motto(optional): " Give me Dictatorship or finish me off! "
Rebellion(optional): None
Additional Info(optional):Largest mining export in the world ; Large weapons manufacturing ; Largest Timberwood chipping export

Troops: 380,000
Infantry: 115,000
Aircraft: 5,000
Vehicles: 36,000
Ships/Boats: 800
Military Technology: USA 2017
Number of Wars: 5
Wins: 4
Losses: 0

Name of Country: None
Land Acquired (Not including Territory): 1,950,000 Square Miles
Land Claimed: None
Land Conquered: Tribal Lands, Quebec
Land Bought: None
Territory: 4m Square Miles
Reason: Wanted More Land, Ended The Quebec war, Completed war with smaller countries

Rank: First World Country
Level Rank : 1st

United African Government Expenditure
( List according to your country )

Leading Causes Of Death
Old Age: 95%
Suicide While in Police Custody: 2%
Killed In Action : 3%

Civil Rights: None
Economy: Strong
Political Freedom: Outlawed

Recruitment for Police & Military. ( Must serve in military for 2 years from listed ages 18-28 )
Higher Border Laws added to keep refugees out of the country
Added taxes to pay for war funds
National Tribal Forests begun being chopped down
Added taxes to pay for prisons
Slavery has been legalized [ Crossing the border illegally will result in being forced into slavery ] [ French Captives Forced Into Slavery ]


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