The United Nations of Erusia

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The United Nations of Erusia

Post by Quintonthewhitewolf on Sun Feb 26, 2017 5:13 pm

Country Name: Erusia
Capital City: Farbanti

Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Leader(s): Prime Minister Quinton

Country Statistics
Population: 850,000
Religion: Agnostic
Dominant Ethnicity: Caucasian
Dominant Minorities: African
Dominant Language: English
Other Common Languages: French, Spanish.
Currency: PDW (equivalent of US Dollars)
Cash Earnings (Yearly): 220 billion

Country History/Facts
National Motto(optional): "Oh Azure skies and Emeralds plains where freedom and Justice prevail, with guns and strength we will fight to the end for Liberty."
Rebellion(optional): (vs. who?)
Additional Info(optional):

Troops: 38,000
Infantry: 20,230
Aircraft: 2,100
Vehicles: 4,100
Ships/Boats: 510
Military Technology: USA 2017
Number of Wars: 0
Wins: 0
Losses: 0

Name of Country: (example in next post)
Land Acquired None
Land Claimed: None
Land Conquered: None
Land Bought: None
Territory: 900
Reason: None

Rank: Second World Country
Level Rank:( Leave For Admin To Change )

United African Government Expenditure
( List according to your country )

Leading Causes Of Death Lung Cancer, H1N1 Virus.

Civil Rights: Average
Economy: Average
Political Freedom: Restricted

Changes: Passed the Rearmament act, and devoted more research on education, along with disease research.
Invested into Military, built up all branches slightly.


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