Countries [ SET UP FORUM]

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Countries [ SET UP FORUM]

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 26, 2017 4:19 pm

Country Name:
Capital City:
Alliances: (start with none)

Leader(s): (aka top people in office)

Country Statistics
Population: ( 1 Million max at start )
Dominant Ethnicity:
Dominant Minorities:
Dominant Language:
Other Common Languages:
Currency: (you can make up your own but include the equivilant of US Dollars)
Cash Earnings (Yearly):

Country History/Facts
National Motto(optional):
Rebellion(optional): (vs. who?)
Additional Info(optional):

Troops: (can only start with 50,000 at maximum and 0 at minimum)
Infantry: (number of foot troops) (branches of footman. ex. marine corps and army)
Aircraft: (number of air vehicles) (branches. ex. air force)
Vehicles: (number of vehicles. ex. humvees, tanks, etc.) (optional: name of vehicles branch or branches)
Ships/Boats: (number of water vehicles) (branches. ex. navy)
Military Technology: (year or era of technology) (ex. USA WW2, USA 2011, etc.)
Number of Wars: (if had any)
Wins: (number of wars won)
Losses: (number of wars lost)

Name of Country: (example in next post)
Land Acquired (Not including Territory): (number of square miles you've conquered or bought. cant exceed 1,500,000 square miles witout permission) (include what part or parts of Earth you own) (i will later add the planets 1 by 1 when Earth gets taken up)
Land Claimed:
Land Conquered: (the square miles of land you've conquered from who) (area names you've conquered)
Land Bought: (square miles of land bought from who) (what areas you've bought)
Territory: (square miles of land under your control and the name of the area you control) (you can start with a maximum of 1,000 square miles)
Reason: (reasons of conquering or buying land) (and reasons of controlling territories)

Rank: (start as a second world country)
Level Rank:( Leave For Admin To Change )

United African Government Expenditure
( List according to your country )

Leading Causes Of Death
( List leading causes in your country )

Civil Rights:
Economy: ( Start with average )
Political Freedom:

Changes: ( Set any changes that happen in the country )


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